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Tour Details

• Tour Type: Travelian Day Trip
• 1 Day
• Small Group: Max 18
• Physical Demand: Level 1

"A Rebozo is a shoulder cloth to wrap the heart of a woman and prolong the tenderness of her arms" Anonymous.

Become inspired in the beautiful and peaceful little town of Santa María del Rio, “The Cradle of Shawl,” in the state of San Luis Potosi. The name “rebozo,” or shawl, comes from the Spanish, although the use of the rebozo was always close to indigenous women. Spanish high- society women used the rebozo as a fashion accessory indoors, while the indigenous women used it as an outdoor cloth with many uses. For them the rebozo means warm coat, purse, handkerchief, canvas to baptize, clothesline, cradle, and shroud. The word for shawl in náhuatl is “cenzotl” means “cloth of a thousand of colors.” Mexico is the main producer and exporter of these fine shawls in the world.

Visit the prize-winning Rebozo Master of all Mexico. Learn how these amazing works of art are created by him, and witness his students creating pieces in the studios of this highly-regarded studio.

Join TravelianTours for a visit to this beautiful and fascinating village. Travel in comfort and safety with our expert guides. Enjoy a picnic lunch, and have time to visit the village and its fine shops.


Itinerary - 1 Day

7:45 am - Meet at St. Paul´s Church (Cardo #6)
8:00 am - Depart for Santa María del Río, San Luis Potosí (box-breakfast included en route) 10:00 am Arrive at Santa María Del Río. Meet the Rebozo Master in Santa María del Río and have a tour to learn the process of making a rebozo (shawl) at his workshop. Enjoy box lunch (included) in the garden. After lunch explore the the main church, town, and shops. Meet for coffee or hot chocolate at a designated coffee shop*.
3:00 pm - Depart for San Miguel de Allende.
4:00 pm - Approximate arrival time to San Miguel de Allende

* Meals marked with an asterisk are not included in the tour's fee.
This itinerary is subject to changes without prior notification.



  Official ID your current Passport, Mexican residency ID (copies are fine)
  Original INAPAM ID (if you have one)
  Credit Card, Debit Card, Cash in Pesos (Cash machines are available) Please make sure your card providers know ahead of time that you may be using your cards in Santa Maria del Rio.
  Active Cell Phone
  Water Bottle
  Medications needed
  Kleenex and small change for bathrooms
  Insect Repellent
  Comfortable walking shoes
  Light weight water repellent shell


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Travelian Tour Leader

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Tour Cost

  Sep 22, 2017.........

$3000 mxn

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  Sep 20, 2019.........


  Box breakfast en route
  Box lunch
  Comfortable private transportation with driver
  Tipping & porterage taken care of by tour leader along the way
  Travelian tour leaders
  Small group experience: 18 travelers maximum

Featured Photo

  The artisans of Santa Maria del Rio are world renowned for their fine silk and artisela shawls, and for jealously preserving their weaving tradition.



Physical Demand

    LEVEL 1
    Includes simple relatively level walking in town or on improved (paved or gravel) trails. Stop, stand and go for up to two hours at a time.

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Eventbrite - Santa Maria del Rio