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  Limited to 16 guests                  1 Day
Physical demand: Level 1
   July 4, 2018                July 3, 2019                  
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  Eventbrite - Soria - Mexico´s Oldest Wool Weavers Mill - Nature and History  

Tour Details


Guanajuato has many beautiful places to explore with serene villages and extraordinary landscapes. One of its hidden gems is the Hacienda de Soria. Take in this private tour and immerse yourself in the history of this hacienda founded in the Mexican Bajio in 1918. This remarkable place has gone through various stages of development. Beginning as a large producer of cotton fabric for the garment industry, it also produced small quantities of very finely woven "casimires".

Today, the mill continues to use its antique, yet advanced, machinery to manufacture some of the finest "casimires" in the world. The hacienda is also a living community that is being refurbished for future projects to be open to the public. Visit its beautiful established gardens and tree-lined streets. Relax and enjoy a delicious lunch in its bucolic gardens. 

After lunch we will be given a private demonstration of Molcajete creations by a Master from the village of Comonfort. 

Join Travelian’s expert guides for this in-depth tour of Hacienda Soria. Ride in comfort and safety and enjoy a catered lunch in the lush hacienda gardens.


Trip Highlights

.   Enjoy a private historical tour of the hacienda, guided by Soria's manager.
.   Immerse yourself in this secluded green oasis, and enjoy strolling along its vast gardens.
.   Learn about the industrial process behind the creation of one of Mexico's finest "casimires".
.   Witness the creation of fine molcajetes by one of Soria's master artisans.


Itinerary - Day 1

Participants of this unique day trip are requiered to meet at 7:45 AM at St. Paul´s Church located on Cardo # 6, Centro, San Miguel de Allende. Our comfortable van will depart at 8:00 AM towards Comonfort. On our way every traveler will receive a tasty breakfast.

Once we arrive into Soria, we'll be welcomed by our notable expert guide: Julian Blackaller, the General Manager of the factory. Then we'll start our"insider private tour" walking through the hacienda's lush and peaceful gardens (if you are a birder bring your binoculars!), exploring the diverse areas of the plant, learning about the history of the site, understanding the textile industrial process, and listening firsthand about the plans to turn Soria into an important attraction for travelers and residents alike.

After enjoying a catered lunch at Soria, one of the master artisans of Comonfort -the "Molcajete Capital of Guajauato"- will give demonstration of how a Molcajete is created. Then we'll have an opportunity to purchase Molcajete creations directly from the master.
We'll depart at 4:00 PM for San Miguel de Allende and arrive approximately at 5:00 PM

This itinerary is subject to changes without prior notification.



  Official ID your current Passport, Mexican residency ID (copies are fine)
  Credit Cards, Debit Card, Cash in Pesos (No cash machines are available)
  Active Cell Phone
  Insect Repellent
  Day Pack
  Walking Shoes
  Personal prescription drugs



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Travelian Tour Leader

Rodrigo Lopez
Photo of Rodrigo López Rodrigo is an enthusiastic birdwatcher and photographer. His love of Mexico is shared daily in the outstanding in-depth tours he develops and shares with travelers. He holds degrees in Business Administration from the prestigious Instituto Politecnico Nacional in Mexico City, and Creative Marketing from Texas A & M (Mexico City Program).
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Tour Cost



  Price per person, double occupancy.
For a single-room, add:


  Box breakfast en route
  Catered Lunch
  Entrance fees as outlined in itinerary
  Comfortable private transportation with driver
  Tipping & porterage taken care of by tour leader along the way
  Travelian tour leaders
  Small group experience: 16 travelers maximum
  Eventbrite - Soria - Mexico´s Oldest Wool Weavers Mill - Nature and History

Physical Demand

    LEVEL 1
    Includes simple relatively level walking in town or on improved (paved or gravel) trails. Stop, stand and go for up to two hours at a time.

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Featured Photo

  From left to right:
Julian Blackaller (Soria), Norman Besman (Travelian), Erika, Cristian Ramírez (Turismo SMA), Rodrigo Lopez (Travelian).



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