Monarch Butterfly Reserve

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The yearly migration of the Monarch Butterfly (Danaus plexippus) is an amazing journey of more than 2000 miles from Canada and the United States to the mountains of Mexico. Each year a special generation of these extraordinary butterflies discover the same place to over-winter in the highland pine forests of Michoacan and the Estado de Mexico.

The Rosario Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve has been designated a World Heritage site by UNESCO. The Sanctuary is located in the mountains in the eastern part of the state of Michoacan, and is the perfect setting for visitors to experience not only the hundreds of thousands of butterflies that winter there, but also the breathtaking natural landscape of this region. Travelian’s expert guides invite you to join us for an unforgettable excursion to this astonishing encounter!

Travel in a comfortable Mercedes Benz van to a tranquil and relaxing resort at lower elevation and hike along its trails for butterfly and bird watching, or, swim in the warm mineral pools of its manicured gardens. Enjoy delicious meals and friendly co-travelers. The next day you’ll be driven to the entrance of the reserve where you will begin your hike or horseback ride up the butterfly site, where you will spend hours with the Monarch colony. A box lunch will be prepared for your return ride back to San Miguel de Allende that afternoon.


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Day one
07:00 am Depart from St. Paul’s Church (Cardo #6) in San Miguel de Allende.
                A box breakfast will be provide en route
01:00 pm Arrive at the resort and have lunch in the gardens.
                After lunch you may hike on the trails at the resort or relax by the mineral pools.
                Enjoy swimming in the therapeutic thermo-mineral spring pools
06:00 pm Cocktails or other drinks (not included in the price) will be offered during the
                Monarch movie presentation
07:00 pm Dinner in the resort dining room

Day two
07:30 am Breakfast served in the resort dining room
08:45 am Check out
09:00 am Depart for Rosario Monarch Biosphere Reserve in our vans
10:00 am Arrive at the reserve
                Hike or ride horses (depending on your preference and ability) to the
                butterfly colony. 
                Hike or ride horses down to the vans
02:00 pm Depart from Sanctuary. A box lunch will be provided en route to San Miguel
06:00 pm Arrive in San Miguel de Allende (St. Paul’s Church, Cardo #6)

         This Itinerary is subject to changes without prior notification.

Reaching the Monarch butterflies’ wintering area may involve up to an hour’s climb depending where they are located in the sanctuary. The sanctuary has paved trails with handrails and benches for resting. We begin at an elevation of 9,000 ft. and could have to hike up to 11,000 feet. Horses will be available for rent at the entrance to the sanctuary. For the horse ride you must have enough strength to hold on to the saddle and keep your feet solidly placed in the stirrups. The horses are tame and individually guided. If you wish to rent a horse, we can reserve one for you. There are limited numbers of horses, so please make sure you let us know at least 48 hours in advance.

The price for hiring a horse is approximately $200 mx pesos round trip. If you decide to hike back down instead of riding your horse back you will still need to pay the full amount. You will pay your guide directly.

This excursion is not recommended for persons with health problems or those who have difficulty hiking, riding horses up or down steep mountain trails, have heart conditions or breathing issues. We do require that you fill out and return our Trip Form (online when you sign up for the trip) before we can accept your application to go on this adventure. Our goal is for you to have a successful and positive experience. If you are 75 years old or older we will need to meet you in person to confirm your ability to successfully reach and return from the Monarch butterflies’ expected 2016 location.


What's included

 Accommodation (1 nights)
 2 Breakfasts, 2 lunches and 1 dinner.
 Private sightseeing (including all entrance fees) as outlined in the itinerary
 Comfortable private transportation with driver
 Tipping & porterage taken care of by tour leader along the way
 Travelian Tour leaders
 Tour limit: 20 Travelers


Reservation, Payment and Cancellation Policies title
To reserve a travel space it is required to make a non-refundable deposit of $___ USD per person for each trip.

     Monarch Butterfly Reserve Tour
      The deposit is due by: _________
      The balance of the payment owed is due by: _________

Reservations will be confirmed once your non-refundable $___ USD deposit has been received.

Booking and cancellation policies
We accept payments by:
bullet Credit Card (PayPal) through our Online Booking System
bullet MXN Cash (Mexican Pesos) Read More
bullet USD Wire Transfers Read More
bullet Checks (No US Bank Checks please) Read More

Trip form
Please remember that each traveler must turn in a signed Trip Form
(Except users of our Online Booking System

Instructions for Trip Form:
 bullet Download this link: Trip form
 bullet Print it, fill it out and sign it
 bullet You may scan it and email it to Rodrigo Lopez at:
 bullet Put your Trip Form, your phone number, and email address inside an envelope
 bullet Seal the envelope and address it to: Rodrigo Lopez / Travelian PMB 214-B
 bullet If you are in San Miguel de Allende, deliver the envelope to: La Conexion on Aldama #3
 bullet If you are in United States or in Canada or another country outside Mexico, mail it to:
    Rodrigo Lopez / Travelian PMB # 214-B
    220 N. Zapata Hwy. # 11
    Laredo, TX 78043-4464

Cancellation Policy
If a traveler cancels a reservation 65 days or more before the departure date, a refund will be made of the amount paid in excess of the $250 USD non-refundable deposit.
If a traveler cancels a reservation less than 65 days before the departure date, no refund will be made of any payments received.
If you are able to find a traveler to fill your space, or Travelian is able to fill the space from a waiting list, we'll refund 100% of any payments you have made.
If Travelian does not have the minimum number of travelers necessary for this trip, the trip will have to be cancelled, and you will receive a full refund of any payments you have made.

We strongly recommend the purchase of trip cancellation insurance for your protection.
    Here are links for providers we recommend:

Payment with credit card
    To pay with credit card, please use our Online Booking System it's very simple.

Payment with cash (only mxn pesos)
    At the moment we can only accept cash payments in pesos.
    All cash payments must be delivered to Rodrigo Lopez or Colleen Besman personally:
    bullet Rodrigo Tel. 415 152 1662, Cel. 415 100 2081
    bullet Colleen Tel. 415 152 3644, Cel. 415 101 9175

Payment by wire transfer
    To pay by wire transfer from a U.S. Bank in U.S. Dollars, please use this information:

    bullet Beneficiary: Intercam Casa de Bolsa, S.A. de C.V.
    bullet Address of beneficiary:  Rio Tiber No. 67   Col. Cuauhtemoc   06500 Mexico, D.F.
    bullet Account No. 8900720557
    bullet ABA (Routing): 021 000 018 (for domestic transfers, within the USA)
    bullet Bank: Bank of New York Mellon
    bullet Branch address:  1 Wall Street 19th floor   New York, N.Y.   10015 U.S.A.
    bullet For further credit to: Rodrigo Lopez

       Please notify Rodrigo Lopez, of the expecting wire transfers so that we can identify
       them immediately.

       For any questions regarding this matter, please contact directly Rodrigo Lopez
       Email: or by phone: +52 (415) 100 2798

       To to download or print this information about Wire Transfers, please click here.

Payment with check (don't send US checks please)
     If using a bank account from Canada or another country (except USA), please make
     your checks payable to: Rodrigo Ulises Lopez Valdes

    bullet Put your check, Trip Form, your phone number, and email address inside an envelope
    bullet Seal the envelope and address it to:     Rodrigo Lopez / Travelian PMB 214-B
    bullet If you are in SMA, deliver the envelope to: La Conexion on Aldama #3
    bullet If you are in United States or in Canada or another country outside Mexico, mail it to:
       Rodrigo Lopez / Travelian PMB # 214-B
       220 N. Zapata Hwy. # 11
       Laredo, TX 78043-4464


What to take

We recommend the use of a duffel bag or backpack, whichever is easiest for you to carry.
A good size daypack is also essential.

Check list

bullet An official ID (copies are fine) a current passport, Residence ID, or an INAPAM card
bullet Your own bottled water container (it can be refilled at the resort)
bullet Camera
bullet Binoculars
bullet Hat
bullet Insect repellent
bullet Sunscreen
bullet Sunglasses
bullet Kleenex
bullet Personal medications
bullet A change of clothes
bullet Day pack
bullet Light weight enclosed walking or hiking shoes
bullet Long sleeved shirt
bullet Long pants for hiking (we do not recommend shorts)
bullet Hiking sticks
bullet Weather will be generally cool at higher elevations, therefore, we advise that you bring a warm sweater or jacket
bullet Rain shell
bullet Bathing suit if you wish to swim in the thermal pools
bullet Flip flops for the pools
bullet Supply of zip lock plastic storage bags can be handy for storing food items, and garbage

2 days

Travel style
Biosphere Reserve

Trip type
Small Group

Physical demands

Start/Finish City
San Miguel de Allende

Trip Cost
Please request a quote by sending an email to:

or please give us a call:

+52 (415) 100 2798
+52 (415) 100 9175
+52 (415) 152 3644
+52 (415) 152 1662