Veracruz ~The Totonac Route

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Enter this seldom-visited region of northeastern Veracruz for a cultural, archeological and natural adventure with a small group of travelers and Travelian’s expert guides!

Feel welcomed and embraced by the Totonac People ~ known as the people with three hearts: one for life, one for love, and one for happiness. Once you meet these sharing, creative, and proud people you will feel their ancient wisdom and honest affection.

The region has been relatively difficult to enter until recently when a new superhighway was completed. Now one can travel directly and safely from San Miguel de Allende to our first destination, Poza Rica.

Enter jungles, mountains, vanilla plantations, and beautiful beaches! Partake in a dazzling festival in a remote mountain village. Enjoy local Totonac cuisine and delicious fresh fish from the nearby coast. Tour a vanilla plantation on the way to the Costa Esmeralda and enjoy a relaxing beach resort. Visit the expansive archeological site of El Tajin with our knowledgeable private guide. Appreciate the coastal sites of Quiahuitztlan, and Cempoala and expand your knowledge of the ancient Totonac Empire.  

View the “River of Raptors” migrating in Cardel, before driving up through the mountains to Veracruz’s capital city, Xalapa. Visit MAX (Xalapa’s Anthropological Museum, the 2nd largest in Mexico) for an insightful private guided tour.  

Stay in comfort at carefully selected modern hotels, and ride in safety in our Mercedes Benz van. Join Travelian for this unique and enlightening tour with our friendly expert guides!

Exceptional Experiences
 Discover Takilhsukut, the emblematic Indigenous Arts Center of the Totonacs
 Enjoy a first-class private guided tour of El Tajin Archeological Site
 Witness the amazing Cantoya Lanterns Festival in Zozocolco
 Private guided tour of the 2nd most important Anthropology Museum of Mexico

Route map

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Day one
7:00 am departure from St. Paul’s Church (Cardo #6) ~ a box breakfast will be provided en route. Stop in Hidalgo for Paste snacks. Arrive in Poza Rica at our hotel. Check in, get settled. Lunch at hotel*. Relax at the pool or have a massage. Dinner at the hotel*.

Day two
6:00 Breakfast at hotel. Early departure for and private tour of El Tajin Archeological site. Experience traditional Voladores flight. Depart for traditional Totonac lunch. Depart for Indigenous Center and visit its diverse arts and crafts locations. Depart for hotel to relax or bird watch. Dinner at hotel*.

Day three
6:30-7:30 Breakfast at hotel. Depart for the Totonac village of Zozocolco for a special tour and festival and tours with our local guide. Lunch will be provided. Depart for Poza Rica and arrive at hotel in the late afternoon. Time to relax at the hotel. Dinner at hotel*.

Day four
8:00 Breakfast at hotel. Check out of hotel and depart for a guided tour of a vanilla plantation. Drive to Costa Esmeralda. Check into a quiet modern beach resort. Have lunch* at the resort and enjoy the beach and pool. Meet in resort lobby that evening and drive to a nearby fish restaurant for dinner*.

Day five
6:30-7:00 Breakfast at hotel. Early check out and depart for Quiahutztlan Archeological site. Visit site and depart for Cempoala Archeological site. Visit site and depart for Cardel to enjoy lunch* and view Raptor Migration from its observation deck. Depart for Xalapa. Arrive at hotel and check in. Get settled, relax or walk and explore area near hotel. Meet in hotel lobby and walk to dinner* at a nearby restaurant.

Day six
8:00 Breakfast at hotel. Depart for the MAX (Anthropological Museum of Xalapa) for a private guided tour and visit its resourceful gift/book store. Depart for Lunch at a nearby Garden Restaurant. Return to hotel. Free time to wander on own or go on a one hour guided tour of Xalapa’s historic center. Meet in hotel lobby to go to dinner.*

Day six
7:30 Breakfast at hotel. Early check out and drive to Tlaxcala. Arrive in Tlaxcala and walk to our restaurant for lunch.* Depart for San Miguel de Allende arriving late that afternoon.

   asterisk Meals marked with an asterisk are not included in the trip's fee.
       This Itinerary is subject to changes without prior notification.


  Trip Cost    

Please inquire

   What's included

   Accommodation (6 nights) in Boutique Hotels
   Breakfast daily
   Lunch on the 3rd day
   Private sightseeing, including all entrance fees as outlined in the itinerary
   Comfortable private transportation with driver
   Allow $ 170-200 USD for meals not included
   Tipping & porterage taken care of by tour leader along the way
   Travelian Tour Leaders
   Tour limit: 14 travelers


Reservation, Payment and Cancellation Policies title
To reserve a travel space it is required to make a non-refundable deposit of $250 USD per person for each trip.

Reservations will be confirmed once your non-refundable $250 USD deposit has been received.

Booking and cancellation policies
We accept payments by:
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Trip form
Please remember that each traveler must turn in a signed Trip Form
(Except users of our Online Booking System) 

Instructions for Trip Form:
 bullet Download this link: Trip form
 bullet Print it, fill it out and sign it
 bullet You may scan it and email it to Rodrigo Lopez at:
 bullet Put your Trip Form, your phone number, and email address inside an envelope
 bullet Seal the envelope and address it to: Rodrigo Lopez / Travelian PMB 214-B
 bullet If you are in San Miguel de Allende, deliver the envelope to: La Conexion on Aldama #3
 bullet If you are in United States or in Canada or another country outside Mexico, mail it to:
    Rodrigo Lopez / Travelian PMB # 214-B
    220 N. Zapata Hwy. # 11
    Laredo, TX 78043-4464

Cancellation Policy
If a traveler cancels a reservation 65 days or more before the departure date, a refund will be made of the amount paid in excess of the $250 USD non-refundable deposit.
If a traveler cancels a reservation less than 65 days before the departure date, no refund will be made of any payments received.
If you are able to find a traveler to fill your space, or Travelian is able to fill the space from a waiting list, we'll refund 100% of any payments you have made.
If Travelian does not have the minimum number of travelers necessary for this trip, the trip will have to be cancelled, and you will receive a full refund of any payments you have made.

We strongly recommend the purchase of trip cancellation insurance for your protection.
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    bullet If you are in United States or in Canada or another country outside Mexico, mail it to:
       Rodrigo Lopez / Travelian PMB # 214-B
       220 N. Zapata Hwy. # 11
       Laredo, TX 78043-4464


What to take
We recommend the use of a duffel bag or backpack, whichever is easiest for you to carry.
A good size daypack is also essential.

Check list
bullet Official ID your current Passport, Mexican residency ID (copies are fine)
bullet Original INAPAM ID (if you have one)
bullet Water Bottle
bullet Binoculars
bullet Camera
bullet Bathing suit
bullet Flashlight
bullet Hat
bullet Sunblock
bullet Sunglasses
bullet Umbrella and rain gear
bullet Hiking sticks
bullet Insect repellent
bullet Day pack
bullet Light-weight walking/hiking shoes
bullet A fleece garment can be useful in case of chilly mornings
bullet Pack your binoculars, toiletries and travel documents in your day pack, a supply of
   resealable plastic storage bags can be handy for storing food items from the breakfast,
   to be used as mid-morning snacks
bullet Be sure to bring your own kleenex and small change for bathroom fees
bullet Money belt
bullet Personal prescription drugs
bullet First-aid kit (should contain lip salve, Aspirin, Band Aids, anti-histamine, Imodium or
   similar tablets for mild cases of diarrhea, re-hydration powder)

7 days

Travel style
Culture, Nature, and Archeology

Trip type
Small Group

Physical demands

Start/Finish City
San Miguel de Allende

Trip Cost
Please inquire

Please contact us for further assistance:

+52 (415) 100 2798
+52 (415) 120 0307
+52 (415) 152 1662